Geothermal heat pump system troubleshooting checklist

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    If you are having trouble with your heat pump (or think you are) and wish to ask for advice here, you will be asked some or all of the following. Your ability to provide this information greatly increases your odds of success;

    1) Where you live
    2) Heat loss/gain calculations for your home
    3) Brand, size (model) and type of heat pump
    4) Type of loop field (open/closed/vertical/horizontal) size and design parameters
    5) Average cost/Kwh of electricity and consumption
    6) Entering and leaving air temperatures (EAT, LAT) measured immediately upstream and downstream of the heat pump
    7) Entering and leaving water temperatures (EWT, LWT) measured at the heat pump(s)
    8) Percent of load to be covered by geo and balance point
    9) Installers assessment of your systems operation.
    10) Projected operating costs, actual operating cost and previous heating and cooling costs

    Items 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 10 are all easily found operating cost projection reports such as Climatemaster's Geodesign.
    Most signs of trouble are when actual experience varies greatly from these projections.

    Air temperatures may be taken with an inexpensive probe type thermometer. Water temperatures may be taken with the same instrument if ports are available where water lines go into heat pump or by taping the thermometer to the entering and leaving water lines and insulating it from surrounding air.

    It is also helpful to state your question briefly and in short paragraphs. Lengthy blogs make useful information difficult to ferret out.

    I await your input,
    Just a Mechanic;
    Geothermal; Savings Underfoot
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