Geothermal for Swimming Pool?

Discussion in 'Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs' started by dwink2u, Sep 22, 2009.

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    Nothing like an experiement and some data to chew over. Using your figures in very round numbers the poolwater passed through your heat pump once per day and gained 10 degrees during the trip. Unfortunately it then shed most of that 10 degrees each day.

    We'd have to know the weather during the three day trial to reach a conclusion. Air temp, wind speed and dewpoint all have significant impacts on pool heat load, even with a bubble cover in place.
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    does that mean heating a swimming pool to a decent temp is not on the market right now. I have 10,000 gal that is 42 inches deep and would love to rise the temp to a 75, perhaps this is asking too much, would it be better to go with solar water heater the kind on domestic water heaters to add extra heat, I have read they go up to 160 degrees
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    Hi goviolet,
    If your question is "does that mean that geo can't heat a pool" of course it can, but in the discussion of cost v benefit we have to make certain we don't spend more than we save.
    The best applications are where the geo pool heater is given a cooling load at the same time (such as heat the pool with btus collected while cooling the house). In an application like this the metrics are very good.
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    There is a public arena near here that has a swimming pool and ice rink, they use heat pumps to heat and cool and is very energy efficient from what I read.
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    I have always wanted to try that. Do you have a link?
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    Here is a link to the facility but there is no information on the heating/cooling system.
    I took an intro to geothermal class at the local community college a few years back and the instructor used it as an example and said he was involved in the design.
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    We heat pools with geothermal all the time. For many people it doesn't make sense though. Sometimes an air to water heat pump is better suited depending on what part of the country you live in and what months that you want to swim? Also if you have an indoor or outdoor pool. Need more information on what you are trying to do.
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    So why are you responding to a 2 year old thread?

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