Wisconsin GeoComfort Navigator - 1st winter

Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Testimonials' started by TheGreenGoblin, Jan 22, 2019.

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    I didn't find much on this forum for reviews on GeoComfort systems so I figured I would post one 4 months in.

    At the end of summer we had three installers come out and give us quotes. Waterfurnace, Geocomfort, and Trane. The Waterfurnace and Trane dealers came in at around the same price, both quoting a split system that would work with our current LP furnace. The Geocomfort dealer was a bit more expensive but said a packaged unit was the way to go. After researching all three brands and the installers themselves, we went with the more expensive packaged unit offered by GeoComfort. We had a 3 ton forced air GeoComfort Navigator closed loop system installed utilizing our 1/3 acre pond with slinky loops to heat/cool our 40 year old 2,200 sqft home near Green Bay, WI with little improvements to insulation. We kept our LP furnace as backup heat.

    This is so much better than heating with LP! In the short time we've had it we've saved over $900. It actually costs less to heat than our last house that was 1,600 sqft with natural gas. Our Electric co-op offers $0.049/kwh to anyone on a dual fuel setup which helps greatly. We can run our Geo, water heater, diswasher, clothes dryer, and baseboard heaters in our addition on the rate year round.

    Black-Haak heating was the contractor we went with, I can't say enough good about them. They did exactly what they said they would and communicated everything throughout the project.
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    Hi @TheGreenGoblin! We are so delighted to hear you're satisfied with your GeoComfort Navigator. It's always nice to see people sharing the details of their installation, and how GeoComfort geothermal systems have improved their home.

    Is there any chance we can use this review in a testimonial?

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