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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Testimonials' started by kengeoman, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. kengeoman

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    Hello all,
    Just thought I would share my experience with my geothermal system. I live in Pennsylvania near Gettysburg and I have been in the HVAC trade for 16 years now, and about half of that was directly related to water source heat pumps. I consult with people for fun and help design their systems. 5 years ago I decided to install my own geothermal system in a home I was building. I used a climate master TT027, and horizontal ground loop. I also use the hot water generator in the summer months. I used a 6ft trench, a ton of pipe, and a header system. To this date the system has not had one issue.
    I don't have much to compare it to because I installed it as my home was being built, but I can say that my utility bill is low consistently. I have two kids and a wife who take 45 in showers every night so I'm guessing most of my utility bill is washed down the drain lol. My home is 1800sqft, rancher and everything I have is electric. No gas. My bills range from $85/month in spring months to about $180 on the high side. Usually on cold winter months. My home has regular insulation, and 2x4 construction.
    Recently I have been thinking of adding solar hot water to my home, but have not done enough research yet.
    If anyone has any questions I'd be happy to answer!
  2. ChrisJ

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    "I also use the hot water generator in the summer months."

    Just curious why only in the summer?

  3. kengeoman

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    It is efficient to use in the summer, but not really in the winter. When you use the hot water generator in the winter you are reducing the capacity of your systems heating output. I have a horizontal loop, and sometimes my water temperatures reach 40-45 degrees. At 45 degrees the hot water generator does not provide much heating capacity anyway. At this water temperature I need as much heating capacity as possible for my home. This is where the manufactures could improve. They use tiny heat exchangers for the hot water and it is not enough to heat your 50 gallon hot water tank. Plus, it only heats when your system is running (obviously) They need to make a system with a large hot water generator that would heat all of your hot water. They could easily do it with a variable speed compressor.
  4. ChrisJ

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    Temperature and Energy logging by: Web Energy Logger

    This is one of Docjensers many systems set up with a welserver monitoring system. When I looked at it this morning the hot water generator was making 124*F, while also sending 90*F air to the duct work, with a loop temp of 30*F.

    I just thought you may be missing out on some warm water.

  5. kengeoman

    kengeoman New Member

    Thanks Chris,
    I will look into it and see how mine compares to this.
  6. Trae

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    I, too, use the HWG in the winter months and find that it has enough to heat both home and hot water.

  7. Tony Scarpelli

    Tony Scarpelli New Member

    It sounds to me like possibly we need a larger loop if we intend to run both the Geothermal unit and a hot water. It makes sense as it takes additional btus in the winter. In the summer the water heat is waste. There is enough heat water waste to hat a swimming pool but in the winter the heat required to raise the water temps is a raw requirement and adds to the heating of the house.
  8. AMI Contracting

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    "It sounds to me like possibly we need a larger loop if we intend to run both the Geothermal unit and a hot water. "
    Generally no and in the context of OP who's winter temps drop to 40 EWT on horizontal loop system, he's got plenty of extra loop.

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