Evenflow: Vertical and Horizontal Hybrid

Discussion in 'Hybrid Systems' started by kdelkster, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I need help with a plumbing application on a Verticall and Horizontal Hybrid.....I have 2 Horizontal Loops 600ft in length each. (3/4" IPS) which could easily be handled with a reverse header plumbing application and a single circulator pump.....what would be the best way to incorporate the the 200ft vertical closed loop plumbing into the equation. Can this be done with 1 or 2 Circulating pumps? If so how should I go about plumbing this application and still have even flow through the all the loops. Any basic diagrams will help.
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    You can use 1 pump and install a manifold with balancing valves and flow meters. There are two ways to balance the system, the first is with flow ( the meters will be on the manifold) the second is with temperature. Flow is very quick easy to achieve but will probably not give you the best results as your collectors will perform differently. The best way is to balance the return temperatures, this will take quite some time and a lot of trial and error but you will get the best result and the best performance from the system. I am not sure where you will get a suitable manifold where you are but they are readily available here in the UK. I hope I have been some help. :)
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    flow meters

    I don't think your fancy euro manifolds would be readily available in Kentucky ;), the Rehau ones are available however the access to them might be kinda difficult, but would be a slick solution. You could build your own though out of schd 80 pvc and put some visual flow meters on each loop for balancing then you don't have to muck around with digital pressure meters to balance like on armstrong valves, caleffi makes some nice ones: Caleffi - Catalog - the widest range about $200. Should look something like this:

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