Dryfiring geothermal heat pump in cooling mode

Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by ksgenet, Aug 21, 2010.

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    We have an open loop geothermal heating and cooling system. It's a 2 zone system with 2 units. We had one of the units on today and had plumbing issues (completely unrelated to geothermal system). We turned the water off for about 15-20 min to do the repair, and forgot to turn the cooling system off. Later tonight, we noticed that the cooling system was not functioning properly (temp had creeped up from 74, where system was set, to 78). The other unit, that was off when the water was turned off for the plumbing repair, works fine now when it's turned on, but the unit that was deprived of water for the duration of the plumbing repair does not appear to be working. We see in the manual it says to "never run system without proper water pressure." How can we evaluate the consequences of the system running without water for 15-20 minutes and get the unit back up and running properly? Thanks!
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    Lock Out

    The unit may have gone into a lock out from the lack of water flow. Try turning your T-Stat "off" for a minute and then turn the cooling back on.

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    We already tried turning the thermostat off and then back on. It still isn't functioning properly. The system never went into lockout -- at least it ran the entire time the water was off. We put a call into our local Geothermal company/installer, but it's Saturday morning and no one's around...and it's going to be a hot one today! We're hoping to get this figured out before it gets too steamy!
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    If the unit is locked out, you might need to kill the main power to the unit.

    Heat pumps are made with built in protections, so the unit should be OK. It just needs to be reset.

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