Do I have enough Loop?

Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by miller2505, Mar 1, 2011.

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    I am in Lower Michigan and I have buried 400 ft of 6 pipe trench. I was planning on putting in a 3.5 ton furnace per my houses needs. However, I have a great opportunity on a used 5 ton furnace. Will this be a problem with my loops. It is a waterfurnace with 2 stage. I am assuming that I should not go this big b/c my house need is not that great and I am not sure if my loops can handle it. I am assuming it is a 5 ton furnace it is a waterfurnace ATH057D100CRE.

    Any thoughts.
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    Be aware, that model does not qualify for the 30% geo tax credit,
    and neither would the remainder of any geo system built around it.

    WaterFurnace units that qualify for the tax credit pay for what you get,

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    4 hours

    I spend about 4 hours, well let's say 3 as 1 is generally spent printing, to figure out loop size, heat pump size, and the rest.

    So it may be a bit unfair to ask us if you have enough loop without supplying any background information.
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    Commonly, companies that use 6 pipe loops in mid MI use 150' trench/ton, so if you have 3/4" pipe, you are closer to 2.5 ton capacity.
    5 ton also requires a lot of duct work to operate efficiently.
    Since you have not offered a btu load, I don't know what size you need, but hopefully you can use a 2.5 ton.
  5. The ground loop is sized based on the calculated heat loss of your house, the efficiency of the system, and the percent of the load that the system will supply.

    It is not sized based on the size of the heat pump.

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    A loop may not be sized based on the capacity of the heat pump, but a larger heat pump will require more gpm and your loop pipe size, pump, and head loss figures need to be looked at.
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    The size of the heat pump is part of the equation. A smaller heat pump relies more on aux heat so the load on the ground loop is less.

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