Pennsylvania Desuperheater + Heat Pump Water Heater

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    Hi all,

    I have a Trane T2GX open loop geothermal system with a desuperheater connected to 2 electric water heaters. This house is a second home in the Pocono Mountains of PA that is used for only part of the winter. A/C is rarely used in the summer, so I am not getting the fully benefit of the desuperheater.

    My baseline (unoccupied/heat set very low with the water heater on) consumption is about 10 kWh/day. We consumed 2,583 kWh when the house was occupied during a very cold January.

    Does installing a heat pump water heater makes sense? There are rebates that cut the cost, but I'm want to figure out my payback. I know it sounds silly to essentially install a 2nd heat pump system, but my current heat pump only heats water when it's running not when I need it most (summer). The rest of the time, it's a regular electric water heater.

    Any thoughts I how I should evaluate this situation?



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