Cooling concrete patio in Dallas, TX

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    We are about to build a new patio in our back yard outside of Dallas. It will have about 400 square feet of surface. In the summer concrete patios can get very hot. We are going to put in a retractable shade with a mister system to help with the temperature, but we had the idea that we could use radiant cooling in the concrete itself to make it more bearable in the summer. The idea is not to cool any air with it, but just to reduce the temperature of the concrete itself, maybe 10 or 15 degrees.

    This is more of an interesting experiment than a mission critical application. The current thoughts would be using 3/4" PEX embedded in the concrete with an HDPE slinkly closed loop horizontal geothermal system.

    I have tried to contact some geothermal contractors in the area, but I'm not having a lot of luck finding one. At this stage of the game, my very first question is how to determine the size of the cooling system needed. I know for housing there is a very rough estimate of 1 ton per 400 square feet.

    Does anyone have any experience or gut feeling on what might work? I have tried to research as much as I could over the Internet for the last week, but I'm not finding much on this type of usage.



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