Closed loop penetration through foundation wall question?

Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by Danny313, Jan 17, 2020.

  1. Danny313

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    Wanted to know if anyone was aware of a concrete wall penetration "system" that would allow for multiple pipes to penetrate through wall individually, at one location and do so hermetically.
    That would also provide for additional pipe entries at later date by opening up additional "ports" in system, placing pipe through and then tightening port around pipe?
    My thoughts go to Uponor who I thought had something similar but can't seem to locate again.
    I like this idea as it provides one local area for all utility pipe entries and will remain clean and dry as my plan calls for a vertical concrete well attached to wall, where all the lines enter initially into headers then header lines enter foundation wall, along with other non-geo utility lines.
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    I have not seen such a system. A drawback would be multiple pipes through the same hole - requires a large size hole which may jeopardize the integrity of your foundation.

    When faced with requirement for two , two inch HDPE header lines connected to the flow center plus two one inch water lines and a sump pump outlet - I went with core hole drilling and link seal kit to fill the gap between the hole and the OD of the pipe. Its old school, but it works.
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    This is something to consider! I will get engineer to weigh in on this one. But seems to me that I may need what amounts to maybe a.....2'-0" diameter hole, possibly. For all lines....similar to a window opening. And again, it would be protected by the external to foundation concrete well pit attached.
    I will be prepared to distance lines as they pierce foundation, according to his guidance.

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