Ontario Climatemaster Series 5 E4 Fault

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    Hi all,
    It has been 5 years running without any issues in Ontario with the Climatemaster Tranquility 27, closed loop system. The system has always worked well, but found that later in the winter season the performance would drop off a little, with the aux heat coming on occasionally. This has occurred for the last few years, and expected that tgis is normal.

    My system has the desuperheater, and in reading some of the forums - I have read that in performance type issues, it should be disabled in the winter - to dedicate more of the heat to the heating coil rather than the HWG portion, and re-enable in the spring/summer.
    There is no switch that turns off the 230v to the pump, so I just unwired it.

    The following morning I woke up to the thermostat flashing red, and indicating call service and reporting a E4 fault. My first thought was to second guess what I had done the day earlier. I dont think there was any harm in disabling the HWG pump.

    After inspecting, and resetting the breaker to the system, it starts up after what seems an eternity… 5 min or more with the first stage, then seconds after to the 2nd stage, and then shortly after trips out the compressor. This process re-starts approx 3 cycles automatically, followed by the E4 fault.

    I don’t own the flow/pressure guages, so I was unable to determine if the circulator pump is an issue. It is a Grundfos 26-99, sounds normal when running. The system would trip off before I could make any real determination of flow, or delta T. I have since measured with a infrared probe, and it seems to be reading a 1 deg C change between EWT and LWT at the flowcenter.

    This morning, I jumpered around FP1, and the compressor did not trip out, as it was without the jumper in place. There is a small amount of frost near/around where the FP1 sensor is attached to the copper pipe.

    I like to do as much troubleshooting as I can, prior to calling the GEO HP people in, as it is hard to find skilled techs in this field. This system was new to me in 2018, but was newly installed in 2009. I am thinking that it is a refrigerant charge thing at this point, and will get someone here to further diagnose. I would like to hear any feedback from this forum group, if you have any suggestions.

    I have been a long time lurker on this forum, and hope to learn more as I go. I think based on the parts availability, I should purchase a spare circ pump, and possibly a petes port type pressure testing kit so that I can test even further. What do you guys have at home? Seems like the more self-sufficient we are, the more in control we will be.

    hope all is well, look forward to any responses.
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    E4 is a low water temp fault. I’ve got a pressure gauge and thermometer for use with Pete’s ports. You can measure your water temps and determine your flow rate with pressure drop measurements and the unit’s documentation.

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    Thanks Stickman, that is what I should buy. I wanted to purchase something years ago, but somehow got sidetracked in life…..

    The thermostat reads what is attached.

    I should mention that when the jumper was put in and the system ran, it did not produce any heat whatsoever.
    I have a guy coming out on Thursday, just wanted to do everything that I can do first.

    Good thing to have a backup in these circumstances. I am using a Pellet Stove, and the Aux heat at night. Just worried about the horrible electricity charges.

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    The issue turned out to be low refrigerant.

    Luckilly it is 410A, and not R-22.

    I have done some reading and it appears that Climatemaster Tranquility 27 models had several issues with refrigerant leaks. I guess I have to start looking for alternative units, or try to source a local parts supplier somewhere in Canada.

    The system was new to me, but someone paid a big price tag for this system, I don’t want to have to replace it, Id rather fix it and keep it.

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