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Discussion in 'Geothermal Heat Pump Applications' started by Bostonceltics, Feb 14, 2017.

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    Try to find a way to NOT run the heating boiler all summer just for hot water - it will likely be very inefficient.
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    I found a scratch & dent elec water heater for less then $300. I will use it to connect to the DSH, then my Heat Pump water heater for the finish tank.

    I still think that's the most efficient set up. Even if you have to use the Heat Pump water heater in full electric element mode in winter, you will get help from the DSH.

    Look into the available credits and rebates for the Heat Pump water heater.

    If your boiler is running for radiant floor heat in winter, there should be a little excess heat down in the basement, that should balance out the cool air created by the heat pump water heater.
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    Thank you for the help. I am going to tie my buffer tank to the boiler mate for now and try to get some savings there or at least more hot water. When I can afford it, ill tie into a hpwh. Just wanted to let you know my plan.
  4. Electric water heaters are best choice when its comes to reliability. It doesn't require maintenance. Such a perfect thing for bath.
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    I have concerns about the way they plumbed my desuperheater into my water heater. First they used 1/2 copper from and to the DSH and then they plumbed it into the cold in side of the water heater using a tee and then connected the hot out the same way. I just don't see how that gets water from the DSH into the system? Can anyone shed light on that?


  6. ChrisJ

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    Not a problem with 1/2" copper unless it's a long distance between tank and HP.

    Your system is a single tank type, very little benefit, unless there is a timer on the heating elements.

    Here is a diagram of the two tank system.

    As long as there is no backflow device in the cold water entry to the tank, your set up will circulate water.

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    Thanks Chris! For the buffer tank do you use another water heater or is there a tank with no elements that is built just for buffering? I don't see how the current setup moves any water through the DSH unless there's a pump in that DSH.


  8. ChrisJ

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    Yes there is a small pump inside the cabinet. Just an inexpensive electric tank water heater, not hooked to power.
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