Can a garage be built over a segment of a geothermal loop?

Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by Geostew227, May 20, 2016.

  1. Geostew227

    Geostew227 New Member

    We would like to build a detached garage on our property. The best place to build it would be over a segment of the geothermal loop of our geothermal system. We have had the geothermal system for around six years. We would like to build a 24' x 30' garage with a concrete pad. The concrete pad would extend over a straight segment of the geothermal loop. The straight segment of the loop would run along about mid-way to two-thirds of the way toward the back of the garage. We would be parking our car and truck (ford f150) in the garage. The geothermal loop is a horizontal loop, over 400 ft long, buried around 5' - 6' in the ground. We live in Indiana, and have dense clay soil in our yard. Is it OK to build over top of a geothermal loop segment? Has anyone else ever done this?
  2. urthbuoy

    urthbuoy Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Yes. But it requires some foresight. Keep the footings away from any freeze/thaw basically.
  3. Geostew227

    Geostew227 New Member

    I am not sure what you mean by "keep the footings away from any freeze/thaw". Would a floating slab w/ a thickened edge be OK, for "freeze/thaw"?
  4. urthbuoy

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    The ground loop can run sub-freezing. Wet soils can freeze.
  5. Mark Custis

    Mark Custis Not soon. Industry Professional Forum Leader

    I like to be at least a foot below frost line with my loops. If that is what happened have at it. Insulate to your wallet's ability. Use small digging machines.
  6. Roy

    Roy New Member

    Hi Geostew227
    Did you build your garage over your geothermal bed? Any problems during or since? How deep did you go with your garage foundation? Thanks.

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