Washington Bosch Geo unit compressor overheating

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    This unit was installed in a new house late 2014. Pressurized with horizontal ground loop. The Barron techs are still here diagnosing with the latest comment being compressor overheating. When they first came out last week a leak was suspected, but nothing had been done to the unit since Summer 2020. Would have to be a pretty slow leak.

    Bosch Water Source Heat Pump Model
    SM is series
    60 is nominal ton capacity
    1 means 220 volts 60 cycles
    CF means downflow configuration
    C means copper coax material
    S means side water connections
    L means left return air
    B means bottom discharge air
    A means const air flow ECM motor speed
    T means Tin coated air coil material
    A means level revision of the product
    E means 20 kilowatt electric heat
    H means painted steel 1/2 inch closed cell foam cabinet
    G means geo thermal application
    X's mean General Electrical Options is none
    D means Heat Recovery Package for Refrigerant Circuit Options
    7 means Transformer is 75 VA volt/amps
    X means Controls = None
    X means water flow control is none
    X means economizer is none
    X means "Open" ?? is none
    8 Filtration (unideintifed ) character 33 in the model number string
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