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Discussion in 'Hybrid Systems' started by ryanonthebeach, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. ryanonthebeach

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    Hey All
    I have a cottage in MA that I use year round 600 sq.ft. There is electric baseboard in the cottage but I was looking at alternatives like a small pellet stove but those are $1k... an came across geo.. and love the concept plus I get cooling in the summer...

    I'm Looking to make it practical for this particular environment. I live on an island, the cottage is close the water on very sandy soil,a beach, there is well water from a near well. The island has no bridge or roads so no heavy equipment can be used, digging is a manual affair, in sand. Otherwise I would be considering the underground closed loop.

    I was thinking of a 1 ton open system where the water can drain back through the sand near the well and essentially circulate. Or a closed system if the water tests bad, then use a heat exchanger and dump the water back. I'm not sure installing a underground loop would be practical in sand with the water level only a few feed below and by the size of the loops I've seen that looks like a lot of digging. Since I already have the well setup I could expand that to accommodate a closed or open loop system cooled/heated by well water. Does this sound feasible?
  2. Calladrilling

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    I'm not sure about MA codes or rights to waterways either but here's re my questions.

    Can you or is it possible to put a closed loop system into this water without an issue?
    Is this salt water or fresh water?
    Can you pump from and return back the same water?
  3. Mark Custis

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    We have Lake Erie as our backyard, but the State of Ohio, as of this writing, owns the lake to the dotted line with CA. The State is trying to change all the lake front deeds from low water mark to high water mark. If this happens we will have to lease the difference from the State and anyone can walk through our proven deeded land to get to the State owned beach and water.

    Top that off with the Army Corps of Engineers have final say over the use of all Federal water ways. I am not allowed to pump lake water to green the lawn without the Corps OK. I would need an Act of Congress to put loops in the lake.

  4. ryanonthebeach

    ryanonthebeach New Member

    It's a shallow fresh water well the water has some dissolved solids in it cause it stains the toilet etc. so figured I would need an exchanger.... but it's so sandy here, instead of a rejection well, I can simply run the water back out in the area of the well and allow it to trickle back down, "circulate".
    Wondering if this is a feasible system?
    If so what size unit for a well insulated 600 sq.ft cottage?
  5. Mark Custis

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    I could guess, but that is not a good way to size equipment. I do not know if anyone makes a 1 ton system. You could get by with a large light bulb.
  6. Palace GeoThermal

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    climate master makes a one ton console unit

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