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    Greetings all,

    I’m getting to this Another GEO Journey update much later than I had hoped.

    The last 6 months have been hectic and disjointed…

    Adding Solar is a no-go for us right now and the foreseeable future. The test installation budgetary pricing that I did get was either laughable or amazingly convoluted to the point of possibly being intentionally misleading.

    The GSHP System is working very well and we are continually pleased with performance numbers and the comfort predictability. The trench areas (as advertised), have settled a little bit more since the Spring and seem to be slowing down even with all the rain we’ve had over that timeframe.

    The System will have its winter physical in the next 3 weeks or so.

    OBTW on another positive note, we had a realtor/appraiser indicate our GSHP System as it stands right now would add ~$45K-$48K to our home’s appraised value and that it should continue to increase as electricity and/or other fuel prices climb! I have since ramped up my research on this very subject as I’m curious if this is more of a local/isolated thing or are GSHP’s systemic longer-term values catching on regionally or even perhaps nationally.

    Our electrical usage the last 5-6 months has been about the same as last year’s (w/GEO) lower numbers, albeit a little less. It could have been and should have been moderately lower yet, in direct GEO to GEO comparison based on outside average temperatures, but there were a few things working against us in that regard. For one, I’ve been working (have a home-based business) about 8-10 hours more per week this year; some daily temperature highs were much higher, and some of the lows have been lower and it has been wetter. Also, we chose to lower the thermostat this summer to 65° due to migraine headache clusters and some other sleeping issues.

    I’ve done all the house-wide PM stuff twice since the last update.

    You know, there is some inherent risk (jinxing oneself) with recommending a product or company. But I think it’s about time that I at least give a more specific shout out to the company that installed our system.

    Morrison Inc. out of Duncannon, PA was the installation Contractor and the Driller on our project. I highly recommend them without reservation! They should be one of your calls if your project falls within their service area.

    I’ve chosen to use fictitious names below for various reasons!

    I met Mr. Sales from Morrison Inc. early in the process of getting GSHP pricing and I was immediately impressed with his product & process knowledge, installation ideas, sales demeanor and buyer empathy. It may sound crude, but he was one of only 2 individuals that I talked with that past the sniff test and didn’t cave during my extended inquisition and research.

    Not only did Mr. Sales deal professionally and courteously with my multiple inquiries and pricing requests, he also had to deal with a semi-knowledgeable (okay, so that is code for suspicious, tightwadish, blunt, recognize how pricing & proposal games are played, long-term construction guy) customer trying to buy an expensive and complex system that had negative dealings with GEO-Wannabe Contractors along the way. (refer to my 1st post above)

    He, and his company’s qualifications impressed us many times during the 3 months leading up to the signed contract. But I think the thing that catapulted my wife and I way over the top and another thing that I admired about him personally and professionally was, the time he was extremely ill and still made additional effort to get back to us to make sure that our product questions or installation type inquiries were answered to our satisfaction.

    The field installation manager (Mr. One-of-the-most-thankless-jobs-there-is) that we were fortunate enough to deal with was the perfect blend of people-person, salesman, QC, baby sitter, diplomat, company-guy and as-needed bullwhip. He was the guy that brought it all together and my extreme gratitude goes out to him for doing (or even wanting to do) what he does!

    The drilling foreman (Mr. Rig) was a very unique individual to say the least. I liked him a lot because he knew his job, he knew the equipment, he got it done and he did it efficiently! This guy was worth his weight in gold for sure. At times I thought he had four arms the way he worked the rig; all the while knowing by sound and touch/vibration what was going on hundreds of feet below the surface. At one point the grout machine reel blew a fitting of some sort and without even thinking about it more than a minute or so he quickly moved to devise a temporary fix (they then had to unroll then reroll the entire length of heavy pipe to make this happen) and was then able to (in about 25 minutes or so) continue grouting.

    The lead installation technician/mechanic (Mr. Install) sent from Morrison was in a league all his own and to our utter delight. He was certainly in the camp of top 5 Service/Technical individuals I have met in my 30+ years in construction. I watched him often and his craftmanship and his procedural thoroughness was really refreshing and another confirmation that we had probably made a good choice in our contractor selection. He took personal ownership of the installation and had a healthy and reassuring pride about his job…it was real artistry with metal, pipes, electronics and wiring.

    These types of individuals are today a quickly fading resource from my vantage point…I truly hope others are paying attention to and/or learning from the exceptional talent and true grit that these types of individuals demonstrate. May others be willing to carry on that legacy while training and setting an example for the next generations!

    I’m not ready to throw the towel in, and I'm not suggesting our listing ship can’t be righted...but what I am heralding is that we need to recognize the service industry talent-vacuum we currently have and make comprehensive adjustments to early recruitment, vocational & ongoing training and real retention initiatives, and do it with a coordinated sense of urgency.

    Got to go split some firewood!

    Warm Regards,

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    Could you contact me via email: to discuss your experience with Morrison.

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