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    Hello Everyone,

    Earlier this year I had a re-occurring AIR FLOW fault, while heating, with my 2006 Water Furnace. None of the forum advice given fixed the problem. As it was the end of the heating season and the cooling operation worked perfectly, I put off having a technician come out until last week.

    There is a cover on the accessible end of the fan/blower motor. Take out two screws on the end, pull cover off
    gently and unplug the electrical connector. Inside you will find two circuit boards, one low speed sensor and one high speed sensor. This is where the problem with my unit was located.

    It took less than ten minutes to remove and replace both circuit boards and my unit is running top notch.
    Best part was, it was under warranty and my out the door cost was $36.00. I have had my unit serviced and maintained professionally for the ten years of ownership at a cost of $149 a for year's service contract and my last check up, the tech said my unit is performing at the same efficiency as it did on day one.

    A competent contractor with well trained techs and yearly maintenance checks is the way to go if you want trouble free geo heat and cooling. In my opinion.

    Stay safe, BATMAKER
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    All of the years I have spent in the HVAC business, the only person I worked for that thought well trained techs are important is me.

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