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    I have a Water Furnace Premier unit installed 12/2006 and has run perfectly until this past week
    when the unit shut down and signaled an "air flow fault." I found an answer that had me shut off
    an RPM/No RPM switch. (SW3-3) That eliminated the fault and the unit is functioning.

    My question is before I flipped the (SW3-3) switch and just tried the normal power down restart procedure,
    the fault light would turn on before the motor it's linked to even tried to run. Considering that it takes a few moments for the motor to reach speed why would the fault trip instantaneously ?

    I am guessing there must be a sensor that is sending a wrong signal. Manuel rotation of the fan--- used my finger to spin the blower fins --- it spins extremely free and easy, and take a fair amount of time to stop.

    Thanks, Batmaker

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