Michigan Adding Refrigerant to compressor

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Jarvie Bentley, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. Jarvie Bentley

    Jarvie Bentley New Member

    So I got my hands on some R-22 and have all the tools to add it to my unit. I am having some problem figuring out how to bypass the lockout on the compressor “low pressure” so I can get it running to add the gas. Does anyone know how I might do that? I have a WaterFurnace Permier 2. Thanks.
  2. Jarvie Bentley

    Jarvie Bentley New Member

    Does anyone know which of these is the high pressure side and which is low pressure side?

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  3. nc73

    nc73 Member Forum Leader

    High will be at the lower position of the compressor, usually no insuation. The low pressure will be the one at the upper end of the compressor, usually has insulation. Bypassing the pressure switch is easy, just hook the wires together in place of the pressure switch. Oh and you should really weigh in the R-22. Much more accurate that way. I would just find a pro, it'll make your life much easier.
  4. Jarvie Bentley

    Jarvie Bentley New Member

    Thanks nc73. I did some looking around and found what you said to be true yesterday and tried to add gas but was unsuccessful in getting the alarm to clear. I did put the gas in using actually weight but I think the gas was leaking out as fast I was putting it in. Thank you for the reply.

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