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    So, I'm doing an entirely new system in a large house that's been gutted and renovated. We have already installed three new 4-ton series-7 units. Originally, the intention was to have five zones across the house. There used to be five separate gas furnaces, and we decided to move to three geothermal package units plus two sets of dampers to get to five zones.

    After we had a professional do a proper ductwork plan, it was decided that the most efficient way to go was actually to have six zones, two for each unit.

    The original bid on our equipment only included intellizone with dampers for two of the units. So, now I need to pay to increase that to three.

    I asked the company doing the system for a quote, and they quoted $5,400. That seems insanely high to me... I don't like getting ripped off just because someone thinks I'm a captive audience.

    My question for the group is, am I getting ripped off? I'm inclined to call up a couple of other licensed waterfurnace providers for quotes if it means saving a couple thousand dollars. I told the sales guy as much, and he said to make sure any competing bids include:

    "4 motorized dampers, 1 Water Furnace Zone Panel with Master Stat, 1 Zone Thermostat, Low Voltage Wiring, Labor, warranty ETC."

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