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    See my post above. The material I posted was from the documents for the VFW/VFC. The mimimim EWT for heating is 20 degrees. It's 30 for cooling.
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    The manual I have is Catalog 1102-2. On page 3 and page 20 there is a reference to EWT, both inferring it can be as low as 30 degrees. Seems like you must have a different manual. The BACnet module might have been updated as this manual does not talk about being able to configure the setpoints with software. That may be a good option.
    Not sure if flow rate can be changed in a QT flow center.
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    I found Installation Manual IM_930-4.pdf which matches the circuit board you posted. On page 7, IM_930 also says the minimum EWT is 20 degrees.

    On pages 10 and 11 IM_930-4.pdf indicates that jumper JP3 should be shorted for antifreeze operation. From the picture you posted it looks like JP3 is shorted, so you should be configured correctly for antifreeze. You could test the jumper with a voltmeter to make sure it's actually shorting the pins.

    If you could measure your flow rate, EWT, and LWT that might be informative.

    Looks like the QT flow centers are available with different pumps and the flow rate would be determined by which pump(s) are installed (and your loop field's pressure drop.)

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