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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by BenWoj42, Apr 2, 2023.

  1. BenWoj42

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    Hey everyone,

    Long time Geo User here ~8 years. Me and the wife are considering remodeling the home next year and we are starting to talk about our heating/cooling options. We plan on sticking with our current 5 ton water to water geothermal system, but we are looking for additional options as cooling with window shakers are no longer allowed (says the wife).

    In the past I've looked at the Water to Air high velocity system but have also looked at the ductless mini splits as it could help with some of the heating on those few really cold nights.

    Does anyone have any opinions on which route they would lean?
  2. wing

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    Any details about your system ? Do you have ducts ? Do you have in floor radiant tubing ?

    I have a 5 ton water to water system. There are both air ducts and radiant tubing embedded in light weight cement under the floor. For a/c I use air handlers and pump chilled water to the air handlers. This year I am going to try pumping 65 degree water around in the radiant floors as well.
  3. BenWoj42

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    We are currently using a W2W system throughout the house currently. We used above floor plates between sleepers to dispense our heat throughout the floor. I've talked to my geothermal installer (one of the old Mods from this site) in the past about using cold water the chill the floors as an A/C option, but said it didn't work to well by itself in Michigan as we have high humidity issues causing dew issues on the floor. I haven't looked to much into any type of air handler, is that a way of converting your W2W system into a W2A?

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