Minnesota 30 yeas with geothermal

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    Hi, I'm a new guy here. 35 years ago for about 6 months, I had a part time sales job at a place that sold wood stoves and geothermal, so I learned a little about them then. 32 years ago, I moved into a 5 bedroom home that was built in 1968. Preparing for my first winter in this house with 2 oil furnaces, I filled up my oil tank that day after thanksgiving. On January 2nd, it was empty, all 500 gallons of it. I was shocked, wondering how I could afford to live here. Then I installed a pair of Econar heat pumps, open loop, on the electric co-ops dual fuel rate of .05 per kwh. My heat cost shrunk to $100 per month max. The same 2 heat pumps are still running. They've probably save me over $100,000. I signed up as a dealer for Econar to get them wholesale, and did the installation all myself, except for the tin work.

    There has been some repairs and maintenance along the way, but nothing extraordinary. I'm thinking maybe I should plan to replace them due to their age. But Econar is gone, and I'm out of the loop on the new heat pumps. (no pun intended :) ) So that is why I joined this group, to learn the new stuff.
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