Indiana 2-year review of Climatemaster 4-ton unit

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    I bought a new home that had an 18 year old Waterfurnace. Replaced it with a Climatemaster 4-ton TE-49 2 years ago. It has been 100% reliable and has provided sufficient heat in -10F weather and sufficient cooling in 92+F weather.

    My home is 2300 sq ft up and another 2300 SQ ft down (walk out basement) that is all under climate control. I face south with large windows which helps in the winter and probably hurts some in the summer.

    A couple things I did after doing extensive research and encourage you to do the same:

    1. Go to a variable speed well pump. It is dead quiet and doesn't cycle continuously. The savings in electricity is well worth it on it's own, but the real benefit is running a constant pressure which also means a constant GPH for optimum efficiency.

    2. Install a 30 PSI reducing valve before the unit or simply run your well at 40 PSI. Anything above 45 PSI or so causes a lot of noise and is excessive pressure. We only use our well for the Geo, so no valve was needed. In the few times I run outside lawn water and want higher pressure I simply turn up the well pressure.

    3. Forget using the modulating valve set to automatic for proper water GPH flow. The valve will undershoot and overshoot continuously never finding the correct setting. Instead, pull out of the charts looking for the correct spread of incoming water temp and exiting water and also compare it to the the flow suggested. You will find that setting the valve up manually with a fixed % amount will give you perfect heat or A/C. My valve for heating is set to roughly 62% for heat and 75% for A/C. I used the tables to get the biggest temperature Delta I could obtain by restricting the water flow as much as possible. My well pump runs at the slowest possible speed this way and is the most efficient use of water. Also, don't forget to set up your blower motor speed using the same charts and settings that are provided. Once you tweak the settings they are "set and forget."

    My has been remodeled with newer cost savings such as new windows, all LED lights, etc. Insulation is average. My hot water heat is gas and so is my dryer and range. Everything else is electric.

    My total electric bill has been running about $115 per month average keeping the home 72F in the winter and 73-74F in the summer. Our gas bill runs $40 per month. We are paying roughly $.11 per kWh in our town. I have never measured the energy consumption of the geo unit or the well, but I would assume that it is probably 1/2 of my bill. My previous home was about the same size and construction quality. My electric bill ran an average of $200 all year and the gas bill would run an average of $100 per year. That home had a normal split gas/electric 4 ton Trane system. I am saving 50% by using geo and love it. No maintenance outside the home and everything being electric makes it great not having to deal with carbon monoxide concerns or dealing with pilot lights, electronic ignition, etc. Glad I installed this unit.

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