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    Our annual cooling and heating savings was $1,220 compared to the same period the previous year.

    Heating Degree Days were 3.2% greater than the previous year (without the geothermal system.)

    Cooling Degree Days were 4.8% less than the previous year (without the geothermal system.)

    In heating mode, we kept the thermostat 3f warmer during the day, and 8f warmer at night compared to the old system.

    In cooling mode, we kept the thermostat 3f cooler day and night compared to the old system. Also, with the old system, we would open the windows and run the whole house fan until the outdoor temperature reached 78f-80f. With the geothermal system, we keep the windows shut and still have lower electric bills. I now keep the whole house fan covered and the circuit breaker turned off.

    Old system was 17 year old Carrier 10 SEER AC and propane furnace for the 1st floor. Second floor was 9 year old Goodman air source heat pump.

    Savings would also have been much higher had I not shopped around for propane the prior year. We had neighbors paying $4.00/gallon where we paid $2.50/gallon at most. This would have amounted to another $750 of propane savings had I not shopped around.

    Our old HVAC systems needed replacing. For $10,000 we could have installed two 13 SEER Trane heat pumps. For $17,500 (after the 30% tax credit) we went geothermal. Overall system payback should easily be within 12 total years given inevitable electricity price increases. Rates just increased for us by roughly 20% last month. 7 total years is my best guess on the payback on the $7,500 incremental cost of air source heat pumps.

    In summary:
    We're much more comfortable. It's nice not hearing noisy outdoor AC units and heat pumps running and defrosting. The geothermal system should last much longer than an air source heat pump. The system should pay for itself within its useful life. We'd do it again.
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    Quite impressive results. thanks for sharing
  3. Arch

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    First year results

    The last year I used propane and electric to heat and cool my house it
    cost me $4,200. July of 09 we took the old system out. We drilled four
    150 foot deep wells. We then installed a Water Furnace 4 ton Envision
    system. I also installed a 50 gallon Marathon water heater. I have made a few
    other changes too. This is the month (June) that my electric Co-Op sets
    the prices for the next year. The origional estimate for my year long heating
    and cooling costs was $1500 by the guy who installed it. I must admit that
    I told him I did not believe him. Well the Co-Op has had a year to watch my
    bills. June 12,2010 I got my new billing plan $1,570! I called my dealer and
    said I was sorry that I did not believe him. He laughed and said " NO PROBLEM".
    I live in the southern tip of IL. Thats my story!

    Take Care
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  4. Palace GeoThermal

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    Quite impressive results. thanks for sharing
  5. Arch

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    I enjoyed your website and the material you have on Utube. I was impressed with how
    little difference there was between the way we did it and the way you did it. It was a scary project. I could find few people who had done more than 5 projects. I spent 5
    years in the heating and air con business back in the 60s so I knew a little about what
    was going on. I even understood the process. I got 10 estimates. Some of them scared
    me to death. In the end I picked one of the best heating and cooling contractors in town and he picked one of the best well drillers in So.IL. We all made it through the
    project. Now I am very happpy with the results. This dog can hunt IMHO.

    Take Care
  6. Arch

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    First year rsults.

    Last year I saved $2,630 with my geo unit. When I made the loan for the unit I had a
    clause put in it that I could pay off any amount at any time. They were not real happy
    with that but I have been with them for 40 years so they did it. Today I went in to see my banker. I wanted to see what my $2,630 could do for me. He sat there and punched numbers into his computer. It turns out that the principal for next year is
    $2,589! So on July 6th I will pay off one year of my loan with the savings fron ONE year of operation! Needless to say I am a happy camper!

    Take Care
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  8. geome

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    I finally calculated Heat of Rejection for our units. If my calculations are correct, we are getting 96.6% on the packaged unit, and 99.3% on the split unit. It's interesting to know how the units are doing since our installer never provided me with start up figures. I suppose I'll have to use these figures as our base reference point (14 months after installation.)

    How often do you recommend doing these calculations? Is doing them at particular times of the year more valuable than doing them at other times?
  9. Looby

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    Uh, 96.6% of what?

  10. geome

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    Calculated HR BTU's divided by the book value HR BTU's. I should have been more specific. :) Or is it kBtuh?
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  11. Arch

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    We tested the system today

    Well the AC side of the system got tested today. Today in So IL we got up to 102 at the airport which is only 2 miles from my house. I have always kicked myself because
    the house would start warming up when it got above 98 degrees outside. I thought I had designed it for 100 degrees. Today it got up to 102 and the temps inside held. The drill
    field temps never went above 78 degrees. That added to the fact that this last winter the temps fell to -4 and my unit went to stage two but never kicked in the all electric
    heat coils makes me a happy camper. I may have got it right this time.

    Take Care
  12. Palace GeoThermal

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    glad to hear it
  13. Arch

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    Today's report

    Well we got hit again today. It was 102 by noon and 104 by mid afternoon. The
    system hung in there. It was 74 inside all day. I could have never done it with my old central air system. My house is hard to heat and cool. You can see why.

    883_p10153.jpg - My Photo Gallery

    There are 31 windows in the place and they are not small. After living here for 25 years I may well have this beast under control. I enjoyed sitting in here in the cool. I would walk out on the porch once in a while to be sure the temps I was getting from the airport might be right. Fine day because I stayed home this afternoon.

    Take Care
  14. tstolze

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    Your results sound very promising. My install started today, the contractor did some prep work in the basement, the driller will start tomorrow morning and everything should be finished Friday. I have been like a 6 year old on Christmas Eve all week waiting for the installation. :)
  15. Arch

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    Good Luck


    I know what you mean about feeling like a 6 year old. It rained the night before they came to drill at my place. As they drove over my front yard they left BIG ruts. They
    got 1/2 of the first well drilled and blew a big hose. Took them two days to get a new hose.Just seemed like it would never get done. It is all in and working. Just hang tough
    and it will get done. Just do not make an a$$ of yourself by complaining to much. If
    they are a good crew they will try to do a good jub. Just watch them when they put the
    pipe in the holes make sure they do not cut any hose off. JMHO

    Take Care
  16. tstolze

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    We had a neighbors pool filter leaking the last few days, I finally talked them into fixing it yesterday. My backyard was very mushy until late this afternoon. The driller stopped by today and was concerned he was going to do more damage to my yard than expected, and more than I was willing to tolerate. I told him I knew it would likely be bad and just do the best he can do. He said something about bringing some "pads" with them to drive on the spread the force out in the wetter areas. I look forward to posting first day thoughts and results this weekend.
  17. Arch

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    How is it going


    Well it has been about 2 weeks now. How did your install go? Any problems?
    How does it work?

    Take Care
  18. tstolze

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    I have been holding off posting while I am getting a feeling for my savings....Which look good to this point, and the winter will be better.

    The install went decent, I have a few little items I would like the installer to take care of in the future. The backup heat strip kit was wrong and the warehouse said sometime in September for delivery, so they can take care of the small items when they return for the backup install.

    Currently I am very happy with the system performance and will be starting my own success story thread in the next few weeks to track performance. So far the 2 ton size for cooling seems spot on, I have only heard the second stage on 1 time other than my 9 pm setback. The one day I heard it the temps were 93, shortly after 5 pm, everyone was home and we were cooking a big meal. One cycle and back to the first stage. I do work 2nd shift, so my evenings at home are limited.

    For the month of August comparing the first six days temperatures and usage with usage since August 7th yields what I feel are some impressive results. Average temperature since the 6th has been 1 degree warmer, and my daily KHW average since the 6th is 13 kilowatts less. That is about $1.30 a day with my summer rates. :)

    The unit is drawing ~1000 watts in the first stage and ~1500 in the second, my old unit was drawing ~3000 at night and up around 3400 watts during the heat of the day.

    Success story to some!

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